Welcome to my new look cooking and baking blog. I ran a previous blog at www.cakiebakie.blogspot.co.uk but blogs have progressed so far since I opened that one, it was starting to look a little dated. Add to that the fact that my food obsession extends much further than baking, I figured it was time to revamp my blog and start a fresh.

In my new look bloggie, I will post my own recipes, adaptions from other bloggers (always cited) and chefs, as well as links to food I really really want to make – a kind of pinterest if you will.

I am trying to take awesome photos these days and I’m using my Samsung S5 unless otherwise stated. I want to upgrade my phone shortly so hopefully photos will be even better! I’m not as keen on camera pics for some reason, I like the convenience of my phone.

Anyhow, feel free to comment, request recipes, request trials of recipes and give me any hints and tips you have.

Jo x

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